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Futures Evocative

Welcome to Futures-Evocative. Here the aim is to slow down and reflect on what matters and on what we’d like to become as human beings.


It is a ‘big picture’ zone curated by Marcus Bussey. Marcus is an academic working on personal and cultural change. He draws on a broad emancipatory scholarship that includes dance, music, poetry.


Such forms are balanced with philosophy, social theory and a deep regard for futures thinking.

Facilitated Futures

Facilitated Futures

People are antcipatory beings. This focus can be liberating but often is not as we accept the cultural parameters given to us at birth and affirmed again and again over our lives. These parameters take the future as open, uncertain and risky. To manage this cultural story we invest heavily in work today in order to have control over tomorrow's contingencies. 

In doing so we give away the future's potential to stimulate creative choices, wondrous moments of presence and the optimism that this generates.

To experience the future today, in all its power is our birth right. We where meant to be beings of joy and creative energy. We can craft pathways to optimal futures that empower all that we love, including the natural world. This is not idle bragging. This is a truth that we can only realise when we step into the open and edgy space of Futures Thinking/Acting.

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